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If shoes are as dear to your heart as one of all your family members then perhaps you should think about developing a pair of shoes made to order to suit your needs. I read inside the paper latest research by that Prince Charles visited an organization that handmade leather shoes and whilst there mentioned that this footwear for women he was wearing were 40 years old.

A pair of hand made leather shoes would cost the prince today three thousand pounds, big money you’re thinking, and you’d be right just make sure consider that they are going to last over 40 years, and that is what are the prince said, that brings the cost into an equivalent 70 pounds per year. The amount did your last pair cost and exactly how long did they last?

I’m not saying that you should pay that much to get a pair of shoes however if you take everything into mind a built to measure footwear for women is not such a bad idea.

I’m wondering if both your feet are a similar size, I doubt it; I wonder if they are both identical in shape, I doubt it. I wonder should you paid for a designed to measure footwear do you need to break them in and have blisters, I doubt it.

I do not think you need to go to a custom shoe maker having a Royal Warrant or be a prince or an oil sheik to cover a couple of tailor made footwear, there are lots of smaller shoe makers from coast to coast e-mail they’re going to are more expensive compared to a footwear will surely cost on the high street nevertheless for people whose feet are certainly not identical or that are suffering for weeks when enter your car a brand new pair of shoes I propose that the custom made footwear for women could be the answer.

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